The inventor


Some of his other successful innovations in brief :

• Inventor of an oil collecting trawl, patented in Sweden.

• Inventor of a new trawl concept elaborated at Danish Fisheries Institute.

• Designer of the straebertrawl (Wingless Wonder), the first pelagic trawl with no netting in wings.

• Designer of a new trawl system for removal of oil pollution.

• Inventor of a method and device for tensioning a cord when joining two or more components.

  1. New design concept for selectivity ,"Exit windows", awarded the Danish patent price in 1996 which now has its successor, "The Exit Windows II" built into "The Conquest" trawl.

  2. 2010 he designed an innovative selective crayfish trawl with a new lightweight grid and ”Exit Windows” being tested in the Flumetank of Hirsthals as well as in field tests with very promising results

Stig-Rune Yngvesson, the son of a well-know fishing-gear maker, with a great insight in the needs and musts of a modern trawler, has done it again!

Following up the success of several innovative trawl concepts and tools he now proudly presents another break-through in creative thinking, the X-Chain system.

The product is the result of careful research and test with extensive interviews of experienced fishermen as well as makers of trawls and fishing gear.

To-day he has his second customer base as the chief designer of Dantrawl Inc. of Seattle where he has designed a new trawl concept,"The Conquest" which also includes our X-Chain System for safe and rational trawl adjustment.